10 Top Female Fitness Models To Get Motivation

10 Top Female Fitness Models

On the journey of getting in shape, you might feel like quitting in between. But you need to get out of this negativity and motivate yourself. Here we have listed a few top female fitness models on the basis of their Instagram followers. Their lives have not been easy and choosing them as your source of motivation will help you in putting more effort at the gym. Stay motivated, stay healthy.

Top Female Fitness Models:

#1. Kayla Itsines




The author of numerous fitness books Kayla Itsines is an Australian author, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. People widely appreciated her e-books bikini body guides and her app Sweat with Kayla. She has a lot of followers on Facebook and Instagram @kayla_itsines. Her workouts were mostly non-machine based and were therefore loved by the people. She has managed to make it to the top of the list because of her large fan following.

#2. Paige Hathway



Paige Hathaway @paigehathaway is a small-town girl who became a fitness icon. She is an online sensation because of her passion for fitness. Born and raised in the USA she has worked hard to keep herself fit. Her childhood was quite unstable. Still, she made her way up and became the top female fitness models on Instagram. She has won several awards in modeling. She gives us the inspiration to make our way through the hardships and achieve our goal.

#3. Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee-1



Amanda Lee is a Canadian fitness model who has won several hearts on Instagram @amandaeliselee because of her exercise regime. She built her career in the fitness industry and became Instagram fame. Amanda also got the lead on the cover page of various magazines. Her lower body workouts are the most important part of her fitness schedule. She achieved heights because of a tag on Instagram and yes, she also worked hard throughout. Amanda is the best example of the positive effects of the online platform.

#4. Bella Falconi



Bella Falconi-3

Bella Falconi rightly is called an Instagram sensation, a hot fitness model, l, and a fitness trainer. Her workout videos have attracted millions of fan. She basically focuses her workout around slow moves, more reps and more weight. Bella believes in eating clean and staying positive. She was out of shape in her youth and ate quite poorly but soon she worked her way up and became a fitness inspiration for many.

#5. Katya Elise Henry

Katya-Elise-Henry-1Female fitness models



Katya Elise Henry born in Minnesota, Katya became a fitness inspiration by dedicating herself to a fitness lifestyle and working for years to create an awesome physique. In her youth, she was not able to build the muscular body that she desired. So she formulated a workout plan and followed @katyaelisehenry it seriously which brought serious changes in her appearance. Soon she attracted a huge fan following on social media. She also became a personal trainer too.

#6. Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez-1

Lyzabeth Lopez-2

Lyzabeth Lopez-3

Lyzabeth Lopez is a nutritionist, fitness instructor, and a TV host as well. On the social media platforms, she has a huge fan following @lyzabethlopez. She has coached over more than 3000 people. Lopez not only trains people but also educates them on how they can reshape their body and mind by bringing changes into their lifestyle.  She has received many awards and is a successful entrepreneur as well.

#7. Massy Arias

Massy Arias-1Massy Arias-2

Massy Arias-3

Massy Arias @massy.arias is a certified personal trainer who believes in changing people’s lives. Rising from the depth of the depression, she has set a perfect example of how one can transform his/her body by changing their lifestyle. Her training style involves various techniques including resistance training. Apart from being a fitness icon, she inspires women to be strong.

#8. Tana Cogan

Tana Cogan-2Top Hot Female fitness models

Tana Cogan-3

Tana Cogan @tanaashleee started at the age of 13 years and now at 26, she is one of the top female fitness model and a certified trainer and a fitness icon for many people out there. Motivated by her mother, she developed a healthier relationship with food which helped her a lot. Now she believes in helping out people so that they may achieve their desired shape.

#9. Emily Skye

Emily Skye-1 Emily Skye-2

Emily Skye-3

Emily Skye @emilyskyefit was once underweight, depressed and unhealthy girl because of poor diet and excess cardio. With the help of her boyfriend and fitness guru Declan Redmond she got into shape and became a top female fitness model and then a trainer. Being the top Female fitness model also brought positivity for her and soon she became a source of motivation for many people out there.

#10. Cassey Ho

Cassie-Ho-1 Cassie-Ho-2 Cassie-Ho-3

Cassey Ho @blogilates is a rising fitness entrepreneur who has been known for her internet personality. She started her online fitness business in college and managed to get many followers within no time. She has won the award for her blog and also got 2nd rank as an online influencer. Her designs have been featured in many fitness magazines.

Her favorite fitness mantras are “train insane or remain the same” and “train like a beast to look like a beauty.


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