Triceps Workout At Home- To Have Smart And Strong Arms

    Triceps Workout At Home

    What Are Triceps?

    Triceps, as the name suggests, is a muscle which has three heads, points of origin or points of attachment at one end with the skeletal system. Here the muscles of discussions are Triceps Brachii, the set of two large muscles at the back of both the upper arms. These muscles are situated at the back of Biceps and are responsible to expand the arms straight after sets of Biceps contract them at the elbows.

    Triceps Workouts

    One of the focus areas in arm muscles workouts is triceps workouts. These are given equal priority with Biceps workouts. Triceps are important to strength providing muscles in the arms and are easily developed with proper workouts.

    There are many exercises those are specially designed for Triceps developments. Many of these exercises are with weights and workout instruments.  For workouts with heavy instruments, one definitely needs to go to a gymnasium, but for those who cannot visit a gymnasium for a reason, may have triceps workout plan that can be conveniently followed at home.

    Triceps Workout at Home

    It is always possible for any person to have sets of small workout instruments such as pairs of dumbbells or a barbell with plates of different weights, at home. These only are sufficient enough to execute a home workout plan for Triceps:

    #1. Neutral Grip Press with Dumbbells

    Neutral Grip Press with Dumbbells

    This exercise should be done for at least four sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions without any rest.

    One has to hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie back on a bench or on an

    elevated surface. The dumbbells are to be held at shoulder level in such a manner that the palms face each other. Now the dumbbells are to be pressed against the chest for numbers of sets with repetitions as mentioned above.

    #2. Lying Triceps Extensions

    Lying Triceps Extensions

    This exercise should be done for at least Four Sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions with rest of 2 minutes.

    One may continue this exercise from Neutral Grip Press with Dumbbells. Here, arms have to be allowed to drift back till the Dumbbells are over one’s face.  Now, one has to bend his/her elbows and lower the dumbbells behind his/her head. The elbows are to be extended as far as possible, keeping the same angles with the upper arms.

    #3. Tate Press

    Tate Press

    This exercise should be done for at least Four Sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions without any rest.

    One has to lie back on a bench or on an elevated platform with a dumbbell in each hand. Arms should be kept extended over one’s chest and palms should be facing one’s feet. Now, the elbows are to be pointed outwards and slowly bent, so that the dumbbells almost touch his/her chest.

    #4. Underhand Kickback

    Underhand Kickback

    This exercise should be done for at least Four Sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions with rest of 2 minutes.

    Here, one should stand upright with a dumbbell in each hand and bend his/her hips back.  The upper torso should be so lowered to be almost parallel to the floor. Now, the palms must be turned to face in front and elbows must be so extended to become parallel to his/her torso.

    #5. One Arm Overhead Extension

    One Arm Overhead Extension

    This exercise should be done for at least Four Sets. Each set must have 8 to 12 repetitions with rest of 2 minutes.

    Here, one must hold a dumbbell in a hand and extend the arm to bend the elbow to reach behind one’s head. The elbow should be so extended that the arm is pointed straight overhead.

    Other than these, there is some freehand best triceps workout at home.

    #6. Triceps Dips

    Triceps Dips

    Here, one has to sit on the edge of a strong chair or on a workout step. Now, the palms are to be placed beside one’s hips on the edge of the surface and slide out of the surface so that the hips hang on air.  The legs are to be straightened out and the body is to be lowered slowly putting the force on one’s arms. After this, the body must be pushed up with the help of one’s arms. This exercise should be repeated twelve times each set, with minimum two sets to do.

    #7. Push Ups

    Push Ups

    It is a very simple triceps workout at home. One must start with his/her hands and knees directly under one’s shoulders with fingers facing forward. Now, the legs are to be brought behind him/herself, so that the exerciser happens to be in a plank position, with toes tucked under.  One has to then pull his/her abdomens in, and the head must be aligned with his/her spine. Now, one has to lower his/her upper body, till it is slightly over the floor level, keeping the elbows to his/her sides. Now he/she has to push back to starting position. This Push-up exercise must be done for at least two sets, each set of minimum twelve repetitions.

    This push-up workout can be done at home by placing a workout ball under one’s feet to provide good elevation to the legs.  These workout balls are very lightweight in nature and can be handled easily even by a child. They are freely available in the market and are effective in doing so many other workouts.

    This simple but best triceps workout at home is not only strength booster but also confidence builder in males and females alike. Once a person becomes shaky about wearing a sleeveless dress, for the fear of exposing flabby arms, he/she should resort to these triceps workouts, those can be easily carried out in the comfort of one’s home if at all he/she does not find time to visit a gymnasium. One has to just be regular in executing his/her workout plans, not let be tempted for a lazy rest. One also must take proper care of consuming no fat, low carbohydrate, high protein diet. He/she would be proud of his/her arms within a short period of time.


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