Best Back Workouts: To Build Your Back Muscles

    Best Back Workouts

    Best Back Workouts To Build Your Muscles

    Are you planning to build a massive back? A strong and broad back will enhance your personality. To look good you need to work on your whole body and develop every part of it. Proportionality is an important factor for bodybuilders. Bulky chest, biceps, and triceps all will prove to be useless if you have a small back. Some of the best back workouts are good for chest development too. The reason why people usually forget to focus on their back is that they cannot see it. Most of the fitness freaks focus on the show muscles which are biceps, triceps, and chest. Just incorporate these exercises into your daily workout schedule to build that muscular back. It is not very complicated to build that back, you only need to know the right method to perform the workout.

    1.Pull up


    Pull up is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to building up your back. Also, it is the tried and tested method. It has many variations within itself. You need to find out the right variation according to your target.

    Wide grip– It mostly emphasizes on the back muscles more than close grip. To do this exercise, grab the bar with the overhand grip wider than the shoulder width. Pull up in smooth motion till the bar touches the bottom line of your neck, then move downwards gently. Do as many repetitions as you can.

    Closed grip– It focuses on your arm muscles because they work overtime to pull your body farther. Stills it works wonders in developing your back muscles. To do this exercise, grab the bar with the overhand grip slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart. Pull up to the bar till the bar touches the bottom of your neck then lower your body gently.

    Weighted– You can use any of the weighted adding instrument such as weighted vest etc to perform this exercise. To do this exercise, grab onto a bench or a bar. Add weights and then continue with your pull up. Do the maximum set of repetitions that you can do.

    2. Lat Pulldowns

    Lat Pulldowns

    Lats are wonderful for building up the muscular back yet is very less adopted. It targets the muscles across your mid back. A strong back will lead to a strong chest. You need to focus on the proper movement to perform these back muscles workouts. At first, hold the bar with a wide grip. Pull it downwards and then repeat the number of sets you can.

    Unilateral Lat pulls down– It works on one side of your body at a time to gain balance and strength. You need to start with your palm facing away from your face and then turn your palm to your face as you pull down.

    • Close grip lat pulls down – It works on your lats and triceps at the same time. To do this exercise, keep your body straight and then pull down till your elbows are at your side. Pull further down keeping your elbows by your side.

    • Straight arm pulls down- It mostly focuses on your lats. To do this exercise, keep your body straight and pull the bars down to your thigh, keeping your arms straight.

    3.Dumbell Row

    dumbbell Row

    They are just the single arm form of barbell rows. To do these, put your left hand and knee at the far end. Grab the dumbells in your right hand and row it to your chest. Keep on continuing the same thing till you feel exhausted.

    • Bent over row- It can also be done with a barbell but dumbells give you the chance to work on each side of the back independently. To do these best back workouts, stand straight and hold a dumbell in each hand in front of your thighs. Draw the elbows to reads your ribs while pulling weights to the side of lower abdomen.

    • One arm row – To do this exercise stand straight but hold the dumbells in just one hand. Rest your other hand lightly on your thighs. Row the arm up to the desired number of repetitions. You can do the same exercise by kneeling on a bench also.

    4.Barbell Row

    Barbell Row exercise

    Barbell rows are a full body compound exercise. They help one in building back but they are easy to cheat on also. You must maintain the proper form. At first bend and grab the bar on the floor. Pull the bar against your lower chest and then return it to the floor. Do as many reps as you can.

    • Deadlift- It is more than just lower back exercises as it affects the entire back. It is difficult to do this exercise but it will help you a lot in getting big. To do this exercise, stand with your feet narrower than your shoulder width apart. Drive your body upwards by lifting the barbell up and keep your shoulders locked. Hold for a few seconds and then descend downwards sliding the bar down your thighs. Lets now look at the variations of the deadlift:
    • Sumo- Sumo deadlift basically uses a wide stance.
    • Hex- Hex deadlift allows one to lift more weight than normal deadlift and in turn gives better results arm muscles.
    • T-bar row- They are done a T- bar machine. Set up on the foot stand. Grip the handle and row it to your chest. It is said to be excellent for thickness in mid back area.

    Grow your back with these best back workouts and let me know that which ones worked the best for you…


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