How to Choose the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp For Positive energy in Bedroom?

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Are you going to buying the real Himalayan Salt Lamp for your room? Do you know which type of natural salt lamp will go best for you? Choosing the right type is necessary, and here. There are multiple factors that you should keep in your mind. Don’t get impressed by the low prices because if you want to experience the benefits of salt lamps, you should have to prepare a list of different points.

Not every salt lamp is the same; they are different almost in every prospect. Every single lamp has different size and quality; even their working features are not the same. Himalayan salt lamps can add an incredibly heartwarming accent to the décor of any home if they are chosen wisely. You should buy your natural salt basket according to your needs.

This is the small but informational guide where you can learn the all-important aspects that you should keep in your mind before buying the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps for your room. All these salt lamps are not varied in colors but also their long-lasting working abilities, material qualities, size, and the lamp that go best with your space.
So let’s have a brief look to learn all these points.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

Highly Important Factors

Variety in Color of Himalayan Salt Lamp

A best Real Himalayan salt lamp naturally occurs in three different colors. These are the basic colors that you can see in the lamps. These colors can tell you different aspects of your salt lamp basket such as

  • Light Pink Color Salt: The salt that appears in pink color with black deposits on it then it is low in quality. It is not worthy of buying these color salt lamps.
  • Pink Color Salt Lamp: Salt lamps that appear in dark pink colors are the most demanding because their quality of crystal salt is high. An original Himalayan salt is the perfect combination of pink and orange. Therapist recommends you to buy pink color Himalayan salt lamps because they can deliver positive vibes.
  • Red Color Salt Lamp: It is complicated to find a single-color salt lamp. You will always get pink/orange or pink/red colors in your salt lamps. Red color crystal salt lamps have a dominant effect on your surroundings. These best crystal salt lamps are useful for calming your nervous system.
shape of salt lamp

Perfect Size of the Salt Lamp

The weight of the salt lamp depends on its size. A larger salt lamp is heavier in weight, and the bulkier salt lamp will purify more air and have more health effects. The bigger and heavier salt lamp has more environmental benefits.

For placing the slat lamp in your room, you should learn the size and weight meter. Different sizes of lamps have different effects on your surrounding space

  • A smaller 5-pound crystal salt lamp is perfect for your office table. You always select the small size lamps for your desk or office tables
  • For smaller size bedrooms, you should go with the 6-8 pounds of Himalayan salt lamp
  • For your kitchens/lounges and large bedrooms, an 11-pound salt lamp is perfect
  • You should select the size of the lamp according to your available space. If the larger size is not available, then you can place more than one lamp in your office rooms, dining areas or drawing rooms
salt lamp

A Perfect Shape of Salt Lamp

The ability of a best crystal salt lamp has nothing to do with its quality of purifying the air. A Himalayan Salt Lamp is famous for neutralizing the harmful electromagnetic waves. The surface area of the crystal salt lamp has many effects on its working ability. A larger salt lamp has a large surface area, and it will provide more health benefits and produce more negative ions. You can find these natural salt lamps in different geometrical shapes. No doubt these geometrical shapes look beautiful, but a salt lamp with a geometrical shape has less surface area.

The shape of your salt lamp basket does not affect its working ability and doesn’t reduce its ability to produce positive vibes. Only the surface area matters here. So always go with those salt lamps that have a larger surface area.

Stability and Base Matters a lot

The stability of the salt lamp depends on its base. As the size of the lamp increases, its base also increases. Most likely, the bulkier crystal lamps are tending to have weak and unstable bases.

A base plays an important role in the working ability of the salt lamp. The base of the best Himalayan salt lamps works like a protective layer that keeps the wiring safe and prevents the lamp from breaking.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Always Check Reviews

If you are buying your crystal salt lamp from an online forum, then research the best Himalayan salt lamps and check customer reviews about its working ability. Check if they are happy from the working ability of their lamp. This is the best way to find out if the lamp’s built-in quality is good or not. Find out about the surface area and it is large or not, or is it purifying air fast or not. Always purchase those lamps that are come up with a warranty card. This is the best way of securing your money; in any case, your lamp won’t work.

Bulb Wattage

The wattage of the bulb comes up with your crystal salt lamp, and it is another important factor that has deep effects on its working ability. If the bulb has low wattage, then your salt lamp will evaporate less water, and from the surface side, the rock salt will start melting.

A right wattage bulb will not only create the right warmness but also prevent your lamp from melting. You should select the bulb according to the size of your lamp such as a 25-wattage bulb is best for the 10-pound Himalayan Salt Lamp, and 35-wattage bulb will bring more positive results with 12-pounds of the lamp.

Is your lamp stop working in a humid environment? If yes, then try to increase the wattage of the lamp bulb, it will be beneficial for its working ability.

The Conclusion

All the above factors are the key points that you should keep in your mind while purchasing the best real Himalayan salt lamp for you.


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