The Effect of Weight Loss on Your Dental Health

weight loss on your dental health
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A lot of the things that one can do to help themselves lose weight are also good for their teeth, and a lot of the things that can have a negative effect on dental health also have a negative effect on weight loss.

People who are more consciously taking care of their teeth are more likely to be concerned with their overall health, so it is not surprising that you are going to find some similarity in how healthy each aspect is with a person.

The Bad Way Oral Health Can Affect Your Weight

People who eat a lot of junk food that has a high sugar content are not going to be in the best shape, generally or in regards to their oral health. Sometimes this is as a result of bad habits, but it can also be linked to people who have low income and are not able to afford food that has a high nutritional content.

Sugar content isn’t the only issue that may be going on. Failure to eat a balanced diet can also lead to nutritional problems such as calcium deficiency, which leads to bones and teeth not forming properly.

Once you have bad oral health and you have developed a tooth problem, or maybe sensitive teeth, eating can become unenjoyable, and you may lose weight through not being able to eat. If your tooth is feeling extremely sensitive to hot or cold food, have your dentist check if a root canal is necessary – learn more.

#1. Eating Good Food

eating good food

There is an idea that eating good food is expensive, but some of the results of eating bad food can be a lot more expensive, both in terms of your health, and the time and money it can take to repair problems.

Good food, even if you set aside the nutritional value, has one major advantage over junk food – there is nowhere near as much sugar in them.

Good nutrition also provides you with ingredients that you need to have healthy teeth. The absence of all that sugar also means that the environment which is conducive to the bacteria that attacks teeth is also less likely to occur.

#2. Drinking Less Soda

Drinking Less Soda

Some people drink an inordinate amount of soda, and this puts a strain on both the body and the teeth. It has a high sugar content, and high caffeine content, and promotes a level of acidity in the mouth that is very conducive to the bacteria that attacks the gums and teeth.

Soda is one of those things that can cause diabetes, obesity, and all kinds of other problems. Most people have probably seen the video of the tooth left in a cup of cola and how quickly it gets eaten away. There is also a video where thanks to the high PH certain colas can be used as a drain cleaner.

With this data in mind, you can see why it is not a great idea to be drinking any soda, let alone the high amounts that some people drink. They can be dehydrated, diabetic, and have all kinds of other things going, and yet they will not put down the can of soda. Too much sugar can lead to damaged teeth that may need to be replaced with a dental implant. Learn more about implants.

#3. Chewing Gum Instead Of Chomping Cookies

Chewing Gum Instead Of Chomping Cookies

A lot of our health problems really are linked to sugar consumption. It can come from the processed food that we eat too much of, or the snacks that we eat because of the lack of nutritional value the food possesses.

Chewing gum to help with oral health serves two purposes – it maintains a healthy PH level in the mouth, which can halt the proliferation of bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities, and it can help to clean your teeth.

As far as your appetite goes – chewing gum has been found to lessen food cravings. So, if you have actually eaten your calorie quota for the day, but you are prone to going overboard with snacks that make your weight increase, it can help with that as well.

#4. Less Sugar When Working Out

less sugar
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Some people, when they work out, have been using energy drinks and other supplements that have high sugar content. In the past, some of these supplements have also affected calcium and bone density negatively.

The more sugar you are taking in, the slower you can burn the fat and get yourself in shape. Thankfully the technology for all kinds of sports supplements has greatly improved, and anything that runs counter to the purpose of the supplement is being removed.

You don’t want to work out and risk your oral health and limit your weight loss.


A lot of the problems which cause weight gain, once fixed can lead to weight loss. Similarly, these things also have an effect on oral health. With a change in habits and a focus on having a healthy diet and maintaining your oral health, you can cut out a lot of the things that cause the problem in the first place, and are going to improve your condition going forward,


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