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    male fitness model

    The career of a male fitness model is considered a glamorous one by many. Often leaving the fanbase drooling over their aesthetic and perfect physique, many people even loathe or try to scathe their image by accusing these models of unhealthy diet and medication. Regardless of these aspects, modeling by male fitness enthusiasts takes a huge chunk of the limelight in the aforementioned trade. Doing so, a dedicated male fitness professional can create their style and become a beacon of encouragement for thousands of us, nonprofessionals. Almost all of us can agree on the hardships undertaken by those perfect physiques behind their making.

    After all, those god-like definitions, perfectly cut abs, and every inch of their physiques take months, if not years, of dedication, strict diet, and everyday motivation. Unlike olden times, there exist many avenues for showcasing one’s hard work in this genre, these days. Social media is flooding with everyday superstar male fitness models. Not only that, a handsome chunk of these male models are supremely talented in one or more walks of life as well. Their dedication and results often throw a beam of hope into the mindsets of millions by showing that they too can become an adored fitness model through sheer dedication and discipline. Countless male models have achieved tremendous success and fandom through Social media and otherwise. Few of such male fitness models who achieved their status are listed as follows.

    Instagram based Male Fitness Model

    1. Jamar Pusch

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    This German male fitness model sports a superhero physique. He has aced Musclemania competitions and is a fan of ‘Iron Sports’. Like Tavi Castro and many fitness models, Jamar follows a high volume workout regime. He follows a diet plan consisting of clean and unprocessed foods. Considering he is just 20 years old, this fitness instructor/competitive bodybuilder has attained enormous fame in a relatively short period.

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    • DOB: 1999
    • Place of Birth: Germany
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

    2. Andrei Deiu

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    A native of Romania, Andrei Deiu is one of the top bodybuilders of this era. His shredded physique comes from a disciplined workout regime and a curated diet plan. Though much of his aesthetic can be owed to good genetics, his diets including clean foods satisfy his nutrient requirements. He consumes multiple meals a day containing poultry, fish, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Also, each day of his week is dedicated to a certain set of body muscles. This male fitness model has risen to prominence following his epic body transformation and is estimated to have a net worth of 1 million USD.

    • DOB: 8 May 1996
    • Place of Birth: Romania
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder

    3. Andrea Moscon

    Andrea Moscon (26 years) hails from Italy and is a doctor by profession. His graceful look and aesthetic physique entitles him to be a fitness male Instagram model and rightfully so. He is very active in social media and promotes several medical kits to his followers. He is also an influencer for brands like Braun. Andrea’s diet includes foods that are protein-rich and have lots of healthy fats. He follows a 5-day, high-intensity workout regime focusing on volume.

    • DOB: 4 September 1993
    • Place of Birth: Italy
    • Occupation: Model, Fitness Trainer

    4. Hans Weiser

    Hans Weiser is a Brazilian male fitness model born on the 4th of March and has an enormous fan following in social media. He is a professional fitness photographer and has developed a cult following under his name and work. He is 185 cm tall and sports brown eyes and brown hair. His looks promote raw masculinity with a boyish charm. Without a doubt, he inspires thousands as can be evident from the response he gets from his social media posts.

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    • DOB: 4 March
    • Place of Birth: Brazil
    • Occupation: Model

    5. Quinn Biddle

    Quinn Biddle hails from California in the USA. He is a male fitness model and social media influencer. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall. Quinn’s diet involves simple food and whey protein, BCCAs, and multi-vitamins. Until he graduated, he used to play basketball, football, and baseball. Post his college, Quinn’s interest shifted to lifting weights and it was then that he began to consider a shot in the fitness industry. Quinn focuses on a mix of functional cardio workouts and barbell movements. The rest is history being written, as can be seen from his growing fan base and in turn success in life.

    • DOB: 1992
    • Place of Birth: California, USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Athlete, Social Media Influencer

    6. Colton Wergin

    Colton Wergin is a young male fitness model and athlete hailing from Arizona in the United States. He was born on the 21st of May, 1999 and his occupation is Weightlifting. He has amassed enormous fame from being the brand promoter for ‘Muscle Tech’ and is very active on Instagram through his page. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and regular updates through his exercise routines and modeling work. Speaking of his formative years, his training started in his teenage years. His first public appearance as a fitness model happened in 2017 through Instagram. His perfectly cut chest and abs have his fans drooling over his photos in social media.

    • DOB: 21 May 1999
    • Place of Birth: United States
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    7. Devin truss

    Devin Truss was born on 27 May and is 22 years old. He sports what is called a lean and aesthetic physique. He is a native of Alabama, USA. His fandom has to do with his representation of DT model management in Los Angeles, USA. He was selected as a male fitness model through his posts through social media platform, Instagram, and is known for supporting his followers through informative routines and workouts. He is featured in popular music videos of famous artists such as Nicki Minaj and fashionista, Gigi Hadid. He is also featured in Vogue Magazine. He is also professionally known for his association with ‘Nevs’ Modeling Agency in London, and Ford Models Management in New York. Devin’s net worth ranges between $3 million and $5 million and is one of the richest male fitness models currently.

    • DOB: 27 May 1997
    • Place of Birth: Alabama, USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    8. Thor Bjornsson

    Thor Bjornsson (30 years) hails from Iceland and is a strongman and professional actor. This hot male fitness model was born on 26 November 1988. He follows a carb-rich diet including rice, veggies, and chicken. Apart from being a fitness model, he is renowned for his role as “The Mountain” in the popular TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’. He follows a heavyweight workout routine and most of the weights that he lifts often seem like a bit over the top. In 2011, he was awarded the ‘Strongest man’ prize in Iceland. His net worth is 2 million USD.

    • DOB: 26 November 1988
    • Place of Birth: Iceland
    • Occupation: Actor, Strongman, Model

    9. Lasse Matberg

    This Norwegian male fitness model is a hardcore bodybuilder. Born on July 11 and 34 years old, he is a Navy Lieutenant by profession and follows ‘Crossfit’ training for maintaining his physique. He has a healthy fan following and the model motivates his herd by sharing his hard work. He sports a blonde hairdo that is manly enough to make his fans drool over his manly aesthetic. He is 6 feet and 6 inches tall and almost looks like the character, “The Mountain”, from the popular TV series.

    • DOB: 11 July 1985
    • Place of Birth: Norway
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    10. Jimmy Lewin

    Hailing from Miami, USA, Jimmy Lewin (32 years), a male fitness model, cares about aesthetic physique to the core. Born on February 25, his physique is not a lean one, and it sure looks like it takes years of heavy weight lifting to achieve its paramount form factor. His training plans fall in the category of medium to difficult to follow for a fitness novice. His physique, to say the least, follows a shredded approach and he regularly posts updates and photos in social media.

    • DOB: 1987
    • Place of Birth: Miami, USA
    • Occupation: Model

    11. Scott Mathison

    Scott Mathison (35 years) is an American male fitness model and trainer hailing from Los Angeles, USA. He is popular among fitness enthusiasts, having been known to combine insane acrobatic moves and parkour techniques with his unconventional training. Apart from being a super-cool fitness model, the guy is an actor, entrepreneur, and trainer at ‘Performix’. His fitness training methodology has a close resemblance to Calisthenics, which, in effect, is a method utilizing body weights and acrobatics to improve form and burn fat. He follows a clean diet even though he has a faster metabolism.

    • DOB: 1984
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Model, Functional Training Specialist, Entrepreneur

    12. Ray Diaz

    Ray hails (34 years) from Los Angeles, USA, and this male fit model is a mix bag of aesthetic fitness and comedy. He follows a healthy diet and weight intensive workout routine. He is an active personality on Instagram as well as YouTube. He is also a former Tem-10 member. He frequently uploads training content and his gym routine for public benefit. Recently, in July 2019, the local police, Los Angeles Police Department, for assaulting a teenager, arrested the model/actor. The case is under investigation at the moment.

    • DOB: 13 August 1985
    • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    13. Rob Riches

    Rob Riches is active in the USA as well as the UK. He follows a paced approach to bodybuilding and aesthetic training. A strong believer of the ‘Slow and Steady Wins the race’ mantra, this male fitness model is the ideal fitness model/trainer whom one needs to follow in case he is getting started in the fitness marathon. He is regularly active on Instagram and posts training videos and workout routines periodically.

    • DOB: 16 December 1983
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    14. Sadic Hadzovic

    Contrary to other American and European contenders in this list, Sadic Hadzovic hails from Bosnia. This male fitness model takes his job very seriously as can be evident from his bag of accomplishments. He is a heavyweight fitness model. He has already aced the ‘World Physique Championship’ for four times. A popular face on the cover page of multiple fitness magazines, Sadic has also been awarded for his aesthetic, ripped physique. He is active in social media via Instagram and already has amassed 2 million followers. His listed net worth is a little less than a million US dollars.

    • DOB: 8 June 1987
    • Place of Birth: Bosnia
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

    15. Ulisses Jr.

    Hailing from New York, UA, and Ulisses Jr. (42 years) is the best-shredded and aesthetic male fitness model in this list. His workout routines include shocking his muscles through compound movements, enabling growth.  He keeps a refined look in his Instagram profile and has several training videos on his website. He is a famous bodybuilder as well as an efficient fitness trainer. He is 39 years old as on date and is reportedly keen on building an aesthetic body since his teenage years. That said, the model has struggled a lot to reach his current position in the industry since he used to be very thin in his early years. Professionally. He consumes organic meals more than 5 times daily. He is an inspiring personality who strives to see others follow his footsteps, following their passion for fitness. His training methods and style are also popular in celebrity circles. He has appeared on the cover pages of Men’s Health magazine and is currently serving as the director of a famous fitness institute. Ulisses’ net worth is above 1 million USD.

    • DOB: 6 December 1982
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

    16. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook is an American bodybuilder and male fitness model. He has turned into an educator in recent times. He had gained enormous fame even before the advent of social media platforms such as Instagram. Steve has won several physique competitions. He is a humble human being and shares even his personal experiences through his social feed, with his followers and fans. Steve’s net worth is 0.8 million USD.

    • DOB: 10 December 1984
    • Place of Birth: Idaho, USA
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

    17. Bradley martin

    Bradley Martin is an American hot male fitness model and bodybuilder. His net worth hovers over 1.5 million US dollars. He owns his fitness brand as well. His physique follows a shredded form factor and has evolved from a skinny past. He is a social media celebrity and an online training coach. Bradley is very active on Instagram and is popular with lifting unimaginable weights.

    • DOB: 22 May 1989
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Instructor, Model

    18. Joey Swoll

    Joey Swoll was born in the United States of America. He is 36 years old and is the co-founder of a popular fitness supplement company. This muscular guy is a famous Instagrammer and connects with his fans regularly. He sponsors many bodybuilders who are younger to him and trains them in fitness regimes. He is a philanthropic professional who has founded a non-profit organization for the children. He is also a motivational speaker as well as a writer, who professes the importance of bodybuilding and training hard to achieve one’s goals. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and advocates the importance of eating clean. He s one of the wealthiest fitness models currently and has a net worth of 4 million USD.

    • DOB: 11 January 1983
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

    19. Kriss Gethin

    Kris Gethin is a multi-talented male fitness model and trainer. He is skilled in writing, photography, and entrepreneurship. He is referred to as the “Iron man” by the Bodybuilding.com website. He was born in Idaho, USA and has a net worth of more than 50 million USD. He is the owner of a successful fitness brand named, “The Kaged Muscle”.

    • DOB: 18 August 1974
    • Place of Birth: Wales, UK
    • Occupation: Fitness trainer, CEO, and Editor-in-chief

    20. Cory Gregory

    A bodybuilder by profession, Cory Gregory is but many things. Being a male fitness model, he is also a renowned powerlifter and a successful entrepreneur. He started from a rough patch in life. Before he was ever in the limelight and high status, Cory used to work in coal-mines. As of now, he is the co-founder of a very big diet and supplements chain. His net worth is more than 4 million USD as of date.

    • DOB: 17 September 1978
    • Place of Birth: Ohio, USA
    • Occupation: Fitness Model, Entrepreneur

    21. Julian Smith

    Julian Smith was born in America. He is a renowned male fitness model and athlete famed for his out of the world quad-form. Julian followed traditional routines and complemented them with a strict diet. With these, he began noticing significant changes in his overall physique. He progressed to lifting weights and attained an enviable physique. Julian is also active in social media through his Instagram handle. Julian’s net worth is more than 2 million USD.

    • DOB: 1991
    • Place of Birth: Oregon, USA
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Athlete

    22. Kenneth Gallarzo

    Another American fitness model and trainer, Kenneth Gallarzo who is currently serving as the president of the ‘World Calisthenics Organization’. He is a renowned male fitness model and is very active on Instagram. Kenneth’s current net worth is between 1 and 5 million USD.

    • DOB: 7 August 1984
    • Place of Birth: USA
    • Occupation: Model

    23. Brandon Harding

    Brandon Harding is 22 years old. He was born in the year 1997 and is a YouTuber. This male physique model is an avid health enthusiast and started his training when he was 16 years old. He has gained fame and money mainly through his YouTube channel which posts training videos and examples from his workout plans. He is a strong advocate of bulk eating and 5 day workout.

    • DOB: 5 January 1997
    • Place of Birth: Worchestershire, England
    • Occupation: Fitness Model

    24. Onome Egger

    Onome Egger hails originally from Nigeria and is active in the Austrian bodybuilding scene. His physique is natural and much of his bulky aesthetic comes from compound training that focuses on increasing strength with form. This male fitness model’s workout regime follows a high volume method using heavyweights. Onome’s net worth is about 1 million USD.

    • DOB: 1996
    • Place of Birth: Austria
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder

    25. Tavi Castro

    At 29 years, Tavi Castro is a multi-skilled Dutch Canadian bodybuilder born in Mexico. Behind his shredded physique, Tavi is also a DJ as well as an entrepreneur. This male fitness model is a strong advocate of using free weights and isolation exercises. He also takes up ‘High-Intensity Intermittent Training’ to maintain his shredded physique. As far as his diet is considered, Tavi follows a clean diet with low carbohydrate intake and supplements. His net worth hovers around 3 million USD.

    • DOB: 3 February 1990
    • Place of Birth: Guadalagara, Mexico
    • Occupation: Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, DJ


    Being a male fitness model is very competitive and requires hard work as well as dedication. Even though they are popular, being on the cover page of many fitness magazines, the public is often unaware of the hardships undertaken by a male fitness model. A successful fitness model male should be fit as well as lean, and their height should be at least 5 feet 10 inches as a rule of thumb. A popular female fitness model usually get employed by sportswear firms, health supplement manufacturers, designer clothing line, and magazines. Most of these male fitness models also work a second job to complement their initial source of income.


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