Female Bodybuilders: An Alternative Form of Women Empowerment

Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilding is the component of competitive bodybuilding that generally excites the female that are getting into the field of female bodybuilders. The whole interest and concept of female bodybuilders rose somewhere around late of the 1970s when women actually showed interest and have just begun to take part in bodybuilding competitions.

It is important to note that the female bodybuilders have a few physiological disadvantages in comparison to the make lean and muscular body if you are a female considering a bodybuilding regimen. Female bodybuilders have relatively lower levels of the hormone testosterone than men and too in a significant amount, which makes the whole process of the bodybuilding challenging to gain muscle.

Female bodybuilders generally tend to retain more fat because of having relatively higher levels of estrogen than men. However, by applying key strategies you can acquire a shapely female bodybuilder, muscular physique to your lifestyles, such as considering workouts and diet. Determine if you are fit enough for a bodybuilding regimen by Consult with the health care provider.

Also, female bodybuilders diet is according to them to provide enough nourishment.

Female bodybuilding has become extremely popular and inspiring as well worldwide with participants, female bodybuilders are often called as fitness models, collectively working out to gather more inspiring women all over the world to begin modeling, competing and fitness training.


Not all females have equal capacities for gaining muscle according to the American Council on Exercise. Genetics is an important factor and should be considered. For example, females who have an ectomorphs and endomorphs body structures will be considered to have disadvantages as compared to mesomorphic body structure, which features natural muscularity.

Also, some female will have an advantage in developing muscle bodybuilders that have higher levels of testosterone than others. Most of the female bodybuilders will be experiencing approximately 20 to 40 percent increment in strength after several months of strength training despite all the genetic differences, as stated by The American Council on Exercise.

Female Bodybuilders Cardio Exercise

Females bodybuilders, in general, tends to carry a relatively higher proportion of body fat than men. it becomes important to reduce the excessive body fat In order to be a successful female bodybuilder. Consequently, the female bodybuilder should be focusing on frequent sessions of aerobic exercise and that too with low to moderate.

During this aerobic exercise, the majority of the proportion which is burned, are from fat. Female bodybuilders for their differently demanding needs, female bodybuilders meal plan to 45 minutes with at least five days a week should perform aerobic exercise. You need to determine your target heart rate zone, to determine the intensity of your aerobic exercise for a female bodybuilder, in order to determine the training zone by subtracting your age from 220, and at the end multiplying the result by between 50 to 85 percent.

The heart rate should be revolving around the 50 percent level for at least 20 minutes, for very low-intensity training. The heart rate should be revolving around to the 85 percent level for very high-intensity training.

Female Bodybuilders Diet

Females bodybuilders who are trying and giving their best to lose fat and strong body, develop a lean, female bodybuilders legs must follow a low carbohydrate diet. A relatively higher ratio of fat to carbs is burned by the women than men for a female bodybuilder. Protein should be consumed in small meals throughout the day and also it is necessary to develop muscle female bodybuilders weight.

The protein you consume should be containing all the nine essential amino acids. Some of the examples of complete proteins sources are egg whites, soy, meat, fish, poultry, and whey. Each one of the small meal consumed should be containing monosaturated fats such as olives, salmon and avocados, and most nuts. The carbohydrates you consume should be complex carbohydrates, in limited amounts for female bodybuilders.

Complex carbohydrates are capable of providing you with all the sustained energy you will need for female bodybuilders working out. Examples of complex carbohydrates are vegetables, whole grain pasta, and beans for the female bodybuilders.

Female Bodybuilders Training

Weight training of the female bodybuilders should not vary much than that of the men’s weight training patterns. You should lift relatively heavy weights instead of using light weights female fitness models bodybuilders training and performing 15 to 20 repetitions and keep your repetitions to between 6 to 12 female bodybuilders in the gym for a female bodybuilder.

The main focus should be on using mostly performing compound exercises and free weights. Examples of compound exercises are overhead presses, squats, incline bench press along with the deadlifts, lunges and upright rows. But simultaneously it is also important to get enough rest while the muscles are being repaired up part from all the heavy training session for a female bodybuilder.

Female Bodybuilders History

The formats of the contest of men’s events during the 1950s to the mid-1970s had also been included with the bikini show or women’s beauty contest. Female bodybuilders arm-wrestling men these shows “had little purpose or any other Moto in relation with the women’s bodybuilding as we know it today, but they were serving as head start or, as an opening gate for the enhancement of future bodybuilding shows.

Women were seen as capable of competing in their own bodybuilding competitions till the late of the 1970s just after the advent of the feminist movement and female powerlifting events that in female bodybuilder.

The creation of Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships was announced by the Wings of Strength. Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships has adopted the point qualification system as similar to that of the system employed by Ms. Olympia, regarded as the successor to Ms. Olympia

Top 10 Female bodybuilders List      

IFBB Hall of Fame

The IFBB organization established a Hall of Fame. The following female bodybuilders have been included:

#1. Ellen van Maris

Ellen van Maris

#2. Stacey Bentley

Stacey Bentley

#3. Claudia Wilbourn

Claudia Wilbourn

#4. Laura Creavalle

Laura Creavalle

#5. Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls

Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls

#6. Juliette Bergmann

Juliette Bergmann

#7. Vickie Gates

Vickie Gates

#8. Lenda Murray 

Lenda Murray

#9. Tonya Knight

Tonya Knight

#10. Anja Langer

Anja Langer

Qualifications for IFBB Pro Status

In the United States, the NPC that can be understood as National Physique Committee which is affiliated with the awards IFBB Pro Cards and IFBB.


The number of female bodybuilders has been arising since the day women have started showing interest in the bodybuilding field and have gained enormous fame and recognization for a female bodybuilder.

As it’s said by the expert’s physicians that the physiology of the men and women are different especially when it comes to the bodybuilding and both have different responses for a female bodybuilder.

Females generally have a relatively lower amount of the testosterone female bodybuilders working out which comes as a disadvantage for them. Which would cause them to retain more fat than men for a female bodybuilder?

Despite all the more such difficulties females have been entering into the bodybuilding competitions for a female bodybuilder.


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