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    In today’s generation, fitness is an ongoing topic almost everywhere. Many people admire lean, well-built and aesthetic models to achieve their healthy physique. They tend to believe how happy fitness models look and also, they realize that they would also love to shred some weight and build a good physique just like the fitness models.

    In the early days, people would have just a handful of exercising videos and they used to work out in front of a television. However, the world has changed a lot since then, and in today’s time, we have an advanced generation of Instagram fitness models presenting the world of how you can live a healthier lifestyle. 

    There are many top fitness models on Instagram as well as on other social media who are encouraging their followers to follow through and accomplish their own fitness goals. Some fitness models on Instagram are much into fitness while other fitness models enjoy showing off their aesthetic bodies. The one common feature of all the Instagram fitness models is the number of followers they have. These fitness models have millions of followers which makes them incredibly popular. So, which fitness models should you follow and how will you achieve your fitness goal? To get all the questions answered, please go through the article.

    What does it take to get the body of a fitness model?

    top fitness model

    1. They follow a strict fitness workout program

    Every fitness model follows a strict workout plan. The plan is specifically designed for them as per their body structure. Their workout plan usually includes split training sessions with loads of heavyweight and lots of cardio.

    2. They lift heavy weights 

    For better growth they often do exercises to improve. Fitness models perform strength training on a regular basis, using super heavyweights. Their strength training sessions are designed with specifically chosen weights, the number of sets and repetitions. At the start, they warm up for 5-10 minutes and then they pump heavy iron.

    3. They make each every repetition count 

    When it comes to strength training and full body resistance band workout, fitness models always prefer quality over quantity. To build strong muscles, fitness models generally  do 7-8 reps with a heavyweight. The perfect count of sets depends mainly on the weights but
    usually, it is 3-4.

    4. They eat healthily 

    The food of fitness models mainly includes proteins. They consume a lot of protein specifically after the workout so that muscles recover well. It is equally important to eat a lot of vegetables and fibers too. On cardio days they consume only proteins, no carbs or fats, only protein, and salads.

    5. They take supplements

    Consuming whey protein and pre-workout drinks is a vital part of their diet. Fitness models usually consume all types of supplements that help in muscle growth and fat burn. Never forget, vitamins and minerals are in their list too.

    6. They rest a lot 

    A good night’s sleep of about 8 hours a day which helps to recover the muscles making them ready for the next training. Fitness models take rest for at least one day in a week.

    Some fitness models to follow on Instagram

    No matter wherever you are, one can always hit the gym whenever you feel like for some killer workout, if you have a smartphone and an Instagram account. The social media platform has a space for everyone who want to post about health and fitness. Some of our top fitness models are listed below who show off their hardcore muscles will surely inspire you to get going.
    1. Dwayne Johnson- also known as ‘The Rock’ is one of our top fitness models. His workouts are intense which makes his fans to work as hard as they can. Sometimes he even shares his workout routines for those who want to give a try. Have no second thought if to follow him on Instagram if you need a kickstart in your workout schedule.
    Follow : @therock
    2. Jeff Cavaliere- the ex-mets trainer has a scientific approach to exercising and regularly shares workout videos with his followers. He is shirtless most of the time which in turn highlights how his exercises focus mainly on your core muscles.
    Follow :  @athleanx
    3. Alexia Clark- “The queen of workouts” as described by herself posts many workouts plans daily, most of which include exercise that targets multiple muscle groups. She also posts healthy meals recipes and even cheats day diet advice. She is one of the top fitness models on Instagram.
    Follow : @alexiaclark
    4. Jeanette Jenkins – She is a great athlete. Her client mainly includes NFL stars, NBA champions, gold medallists of Olympics. Her posts consist of step by step workouts that will that be easily performed by a beginner as well. You don’t have to be a professional to follow her workouts.
    5.Ashley Guarassi- This boxing trainer is all about inspiration. Her posts consist of empowering pictures of her workouts in the gym and showing off her quick boxing sessions. She punches really very hard. People looking forward to being a boxer can follow this fitness model.

    Follow : @ashleyguarrasi


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    When it comes to fitness models, we often have many questions to ask but we don’t know a platform where we can ask.
    Thus, we have included some of the most asked questions under this section.
    Instagram is proofing to be the biggest social media platform for fitness models. Fitness 
    freaks love to follow and like their favourite fitness models’ post on Instagram. Once a 
    fitness model has gained big enough following, he/she can earn anywhere around $5000 to 
    $25000 per sponsored post. This, in turn, depends on the count of followers of the model, the 
    number of sponsored posts they complete and the number of the period they have been on 
    active on Instagram. 
     If you are planning to get the physique of a fitness model, then you should work out on a 
    regular basis. It would be great if you work out 3 to 4 times a week with great efforts. Apart 
    from the rigorous workout and hard work, all you will need is dedication and motivation that 
    will help you in overcoming all the obstacles to get a perfect fitness model physique. 
    The food of fitness models mainly includes proteins. They consume a lot of protein 
    specifically after the workout so that muscles recover well. It is equally important to eat a lot 
    of vegetables and fibers too. On cardio days they consume only proteins, no carbs or fats, 
    only protein, and salads. 
    Dwayne Johnson– also known as ‘The Rock’ is one of our top fitness models. His workouts 
    are intense which makes his fans to work as hard as they can. Sometimes he even shares his 
    workout routines for those who want to give a try. Have no second thought if to follow him 
    on Instagram if you need a kickstart in your workout schedule. 
    The answer is no. They don’t. They rest a lot. As a human, everyone needs rest.  
    A good night’s sleep of about 8 hours a day which helps to recover the muscles making them 
    ready for the next training. Fitness models take rest for at least one day in a week.  


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