Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work Or Are Their Benefits Just Myths?

Himalayan salt lamps work

A salt lamp is a carved oval shaped salt with space in the middle for lights. When the light is on, they give a dimmed glow in the rooms they are spotted.

A Himalayan pink salt lamp is one of those lamps but unlike the others, it is only mined in the Himalayas Mountains of Pakistan. Punjab and Khewra mines are a popular place for harnessing this salt lamp to the rest of the world.

For many, the aesthetic value these lamps represent can’t be measured by its hued-pink color alone. In offices and homes, they have graced large and smaller tables and pecked among other office and home accessories like books, standing lamps, smaller fans, and much more. At other times they have been left alone on a table by the side of the house with so ambiance.

But its aesthetic value is not the only reason many people pick Himalayan salt lamps. 

As far back as centuries ago, salt lamps have been known to shower immense benefits to humanity. The caves in the eighteenth centuries were operated by salt lamps anytime one is sick to chase away impurities. At spas, they use the light to improve the mood and set the right tone for customers to relax while a message goes on. 

Today, we find a number of them in various places for the same reason and benefits people have always wanted to have in the first place. 

Are these benefits scientifically proven?

Many believe the fight against pollutants that enhances the breathing of users is a far cry from the truth. Fact is, few people argue that nothing connects salt with air purification forgetting we once use to have halotherapy. Others think it doesn’t help people with allergies and asthma in some unique way that dim lights can do. Most asthmatic patients breathe filtered air. If best Himalayan salt lamps weren’t working, would they have been used to produce inhalers?

Some others believe sleeping better can happen dim lights that you can buy on the street – And not necessarily because we have a Himalayan salt lamp. Children sleep faster under Himalayan salt lamps that a fact.

A few amounts of people do not believe it balances the number of negative ions and positive ions in the room caused by electromagnetic radiation.

While others think the heightened energy level and enhanced blood flow in a room where a Himalayan salt lamp is placed is only but a coincidence.

Whichever divides you belong to, the basis of your assessment will always be scientific. The overwhelming question would be what do Himalayan salt lampsor salt product that is beneficial to our health?

Salt is made of sodium (40%) and chloride (60%) which serve as the electrolyte balancing various muscle functions.

Salt also has traces of iodine, calcium, and potassium.

Salt when not editable and applied to our skin carries out exfoliation function.

The color of the Himalayan salt lamp, which is hued-pink is said to be a combination of a lot of minerals.

So how does anyone say, a salt lamp doesn’t carry any benefit?

salt lamp glass

How does Himalayan salt lamp work then?

On its own, the lamp is just a pile of salt stacked or shaped together use for decorating the interiors of a room or office. When it is lit, it still performs that function, but with a little different this time.

When it heats up, courtesy of the space designed for it and placed on a table somewhere in the room, it carries out what we call ” hygroscopy. ” which is a function of trapping the number of pollutants in the humid air. The heat coming out of the lamp now produces negative ions that purify the air.

The heat is an essential element in the process because, without it, the salt cannot melt enough to produce negative ions that will fill the room. If the salt doesn’t melt, it is not an original lamp. Authenticated salt lamps melt and are very fragile when you hold them in your arms with their hued-pink look.

Whether it produces enough of negative ion is yet to be determined by any study around the world. But there is a reason – kids suddenly fall asleep in the ambiance of the light. Their mood quickly changes, and lots more.

What are the negative and positive ions?

Ions are made up of protons and electrons which can either be positively or negatively charged. When they charge up positively, they contribute to the deteriorating conditions of man’s health by releasing free radicals. Such free radicals come with headache, stress, and a considerable amount of brainwave the human brain can’t carry.

When ions charge up negatively, they revitalize our body and make us feel alive or make us feel like a child again. They help us relieve some of this stress, tension and anxiety we have brewing in our body.

Positive ions sprung from a lot of human activities which are not suitable for our health. Electronic devices carry an enormous amount of electromagnetic tradition, which is too much for the brain. Over time this radiation results in headaches, migraines, stress, bloating, and lots more.

Negative ions constitute in nature. In the end, these salt lamps help us neutralize the number of positive ions in the body, giving us a refreshing look at the end of the day.

Salt lamps and electromagnetic radiations

Anybody who continually watches the TV, their laptop and phone screen for a long time suffers from a significant amount of positive ion in the body. Staying in an air-conditioned apartment over a long period also adds to the amount of atom in the body as well.

Electromagnetic radiation occurs because some of these gadgets operate at a higher frequency than what we usually receive from the brain. Anything above 21FHZ is said to be more than the required range for the brain to cope. By storing these high amounts of radiation, our body suffers which why we need the power of the salt lamp as a natural ionizer to neutralize it for us.

Where do we get the most natural ions?

Although nature is the natural source of negative ions, a lot of it can spring up from Himalayan salt lamps. How? By keeping the lamp in a covered room for a long time, a massive amount of negative ion gets deposited in the place.

The owner can come back from work and move straight to the bed. In the morning, he is feeling refreshed and ready to start another day.

So, the answer to the question is yes, salt lamps do produce enough ion for the body. They are designed to burn consistently in the room and not just whenever you need them to work. If you want one for its aesthetic value, do not light them always though.

Where to place crystal light for the most benefit

We all enjoy dim light when the room is dark, and a dim light is all that separates us from that terrifying darkness. Dimmed lights are the reason why we sleep quicker and sometimes longer. Getting an average of 8 hours of sleep every day is key to our health. Whatever that can make us achieve that daily in our room is worth mentioning.

A Himalayan salt lamp serves those benefit and even more. It is usually located by the side of the room where a wall socket gets located. If that location is not possible, extended wiring would be required or fixed to carry the lamp to the desired location.

By the side of the bed in the room is another of its famous location. At the office, they are placed in a different table to avoid accidents – from there, they continue to shine.

A Himalayan crystal salt lamp can light a room 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if the need calls for it. They were handcrafted in one of the oldest mines in the world. They continue to produce an immense benefit to everyone in the room daily without losing their ambiance.

In conclusion, a lot of people have seen the work of Himalayan salt lamps in full display over the years. They have also grown to acknowledge its immense benefits anywhere it is placed or lit. Not many might want to agree with what the lampstand for, but it keeps getting popular.

Spas are usually the place we use to find them. Today, a lot of people have as much as three of these lamps in their home. If that doesn’t show people drive a lot of benefit from it, I don’t know what does.


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