From Reducing Obesity To Time Saving Habits: How Women Benefit from Cycling

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Although most of the blogs, articles, and conferences only mention why women should not indulge in cycling, there are many reasons why cycling is beneficial for women, such as:

Lowering the risks of diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer

Cycling helps a woman improve her fitness and overall health. Women who are normally lesser physically active than men, which makes them unfit and causes several physical issues. Physical activity like cycling regularly reduces the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in women.

Reducing osteoarthritis and obesity

Arthritis can cause three types of risk factors for a woman, such as biology, hormone, and genetic predisposition. Now, obesity has also added to this mix. Cycling can help in reducing weight by burning about 300 calories per hour, which lowers the risks of osteoarthritis. Being a non-load bearing activity, it is suitable for anyone regardless of any physical condition or age.

Ceasing the side effects of certain feminine conditions

During menstrual periods, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, women feel several physical and psychological changes. These unpleasant side effects can be prevented by daily exercises that are non-load bearing, such as cycling.

If you think that cycling can improve your health, then make it a regular habit. Choose one from the hybrid bikes ladies if you are considering a trip.

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Wellbeing and better mental health

Mental health problem is common in women and they are diagnosed with anxiety disorders more than men. Cycling does not only help to improve physical health, but it also takes greater care of mental health. When you cycle on the road, you can feel the cool breeze on your face and hair, breath fresh air, and look at an inspiring view in front of your eyes. It uplifts the mood and makes women feel great about themselves.

Better social life

Apart from improving mental health, cycling can also make a woman’s social life better. A lot of women’s cycling groups are found all over the world. They meet and chat while cycling and as a result, women are getting a larger group of supportive and proactive female friends that they cannot find in social circles. 

Developing self-esteem

Through multiple studies and surveys, it has been noticed that women tend to have lesser confidence than men. Cycling, especially going on trips on bikes can boost their confidence. When they plan long-distance tours on bicycles, they are up for facing many challenges on the road. These trips enhance their self-esteem and prove to be life-changing experiences. 


Apart from the physical benefits, cycling is also very beneficial for busy lives. Women make many short trips during the day apart from commuting to and from work. These trips can take a lot of time if they walk every time. However, cycling makes the trips quick and easy because you can move freely on cycles in congested areas. Moreover, there is no issue with parking when it comes to cycles.

Unfortunately, most of the women cannot enjoy all the benefits that cycling offers. It is because of the disproportionate barriers they face while cycling. Moreover, the number of bicycles meant for women are a lot fewer than men. However, the situation is changing slowly. Many organizations are stepping forward and hosting campaigns and events so that more women take part in cycling. 


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