Weight Loss Journey: 6 of the Best Foods for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Journey

If you’ve come across this article, chances are that you want to lose weight and you’re looking for ways that can speed up the weight loss process. Even I often dream about eating something magical and waking up and losing a few pounds, wouldn’t that be amazing?! Well, life doesn’t work that way but don’t lose hope. I’ve got you covered, here mentioned below are five things that can help with weight loss and speed up the process. However, just keep in mind that changes take some time, be consistent in your approach, and you will surely see promising results.

Although there are many telemarketers that exploit your body image issues to sell them respective products, I’ll bring to notice certain weight loss foods that the east has been using for ages and only recently have these readily available foods come under research for weight loss in the west.

#1. Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar

Turmeric and Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a trick that I have tried personally, and it has worked wonders for me. Sometimes when you’re trying to lose weight, you hit a dead end. I mean, in the beginning, you lose weight pretty quickly and then after losing a few pounds you can’t seem to get the needle on the scale to budge. Well, take a glass of water, put two spoons of apple cider vinegar; half a spoon of turmeric and one spoon of lemon juice and your magic potion is ready.

Make sure to drink this once in the morning after you wake up and once before you go to sleep. The second thing you should not forget is drinking it with a straw as it can damage the enamel of your teeth and drink loads of water.

#2. Green Tea

Another thing that can assist with weight loss and be a part of our regular diet is green tea. Rather than going and buying a processed box of green tea, you should go and get lemongrass from the farmer’s market and make your own green tea.

Green Tea

You can drink it any time of the day. However, it works better if you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. If you have a hectic routine and can’t make tea for yourself, just put some in your water bottle and finish it off throughout the day.

#3. Purging Cassia

Purging cassia is sure to help you lose those extra pounds that you’ve been rooting for. However, this should be taken in a prescribed amount, don’t go overboard or else you have to go to the doctor when you get diarrhea. You can have a teaspoon every other day but not more than that. You can take it however you want, with or without water according to your preference.

Purging Cassia

#4. Dill Seeds

If you think you feel kind of bloated and that adds to your weight, then this is the best naturally occurring thing that you can use. Unlike purging cassia, you can take twice a day. Just as recommended for the other things present in the list, this too should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

Dill Seeds

#5. Cheese Diet

I’m pretty sure that cheese, being mentioned in the weight loss-aiding list, is quite shocking for you and it’s sure to make you happy. Although most of us are only familiar with the cheese on our pizza or fries, there are many different kinds of cheese that can actually help with weight loss. For example, blue cheese in the right proportions can assist in weight loss.

Cheese Diet

#6. Nigella Seeds

Although very common in the east, as I’ve often seen my eastern friends use on a regular basis, it isn’t quite popular here in the west. It is; however, easily available. All you need to do is get your hand on the powder, take a glass of Luke warm water, and add the powder. Your magical drink is ready.

Nigella Seeds

You can add honey if you like. Take it once in the morning on an empty stomach, and it is sure to kick start your metabolic system and therefore, aid the weight loss process.

All the above mention weight-loss food are easily available and a completely natural way to aid your weight loss journey. Mention a few other foods that help with weight loss that you have used and gotten results in the comments. Remember these ingredients can only aid the process if you make an effort on your part. If you don’t make changes to your daily life, there’s only so much that these ingredients can do.


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